Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

WinHacks 2021

Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned for WinHacks 2022!

About WinHacks

In 2019, a small group of students began to plan the University of Windsors first ever hackathon, and the Windsor regions second MLH event. By March the next year, their ambitions had lead them further then they ever expected, overcoming massive challenges to host one of the most successful tech events in #YQG. WinHacks 2020 laid the groundwork for digital hackathons worldwide by pivoting to an innovative virtual model in just two weeks. Challenges focused on mobility, cybersecurity, new tech like blockchain, entrepreneurship, health, and more.

This years' event will feature similar themes, challenges, and goals, while once again breaking new ground for digital events. WinHacks 2021 isn't following the tried and true format - it's taking things a step further with pre-event content, better networking and recruitment opportunities, a plan to support hackers after the event with strong project follow-through and a commitment to a better way to find the mold breakers of tomorrow.

Fast Facts

Some quick facts about WinHacks 2021


WinHacks will be held online via our Discord server. Stay tuned for more information and join links!

36 Hours

Hackers will have a 36 hour time frame to complete their hack and submit a demo to DevPost.


Stay tuned for more information about the different prizes we are offering hackers.


WinHacks will have participants from countries all around the world!


What is mobility? How is it important in today's world? Feel free to explore this in any way through your hack.


Hackers have the choice of working in teams of up to 4 people, or working alone.


Please Note That All Times Are In Eastern Time

Day 1

March 26

Day 2

March 27

Day 3

March 28

3:00 PM

Opening Ceremonies

4:30 PM

Challenge AMA and Devpost Demo

5:30 PM

Digital Swag Showcase

5:45 PM

Applications Closing Discussion

6:00 PM

Applications Officially Close and Team Formation Starts

6:00 PM

Glimpse Demo / Team Formation Discussion

8:00 PM

Your Cybersecurity Strategy

9:00 PM


9:45 PM

Collaborative Coding w/ Git and GitHub

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions you may have about WinHacks, or hackathons in general

What is a Hackathon?

To put it simply, hackathons combine the two words: hacking and marathon. Participants will get the chance to form teams of up to 1-4 members, and bring a project idea to life! However, they only have 36 hours to accomplish this. Students will receive mentorship, learn about new job opportunities, and get some cool swag!

Can I Work On My Hack Before the Event?

We follow the Major League Hacking guidelines, which prohibits students from bringing and continuing a project that they have already worked on. Your final project should be new and only built during the weekend of WinHacks.


There's always a first time for everything, right? We highly encourage individuals with various levels of experience to apply to WinHacks. WinHacks is a hackathon where individuals from various disciplines, majors, and backgrounds are encouraged to come out and participate.

Who Can Participate?

WinHacks applications are open to students from across the world. Whether you are a freshman or completing your PhD, we want you to apply! We will also be accepting high school students!

Have More Questions?

Reach out to us at